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BioSci Southwest Symposium

Engage with cutting-edge research.
Connect with next-gen scientists.
Share your knowledge. 

BioSci Southwest is a regional symposium that engages both presenters an attendees to create a fun and community-oriented experience. 

  • Learn about research being conducted at local universities via lightning talks and poster presentations.
  • Network with researchers and further expand your project. Understand the undergraduate and graduate school experience.
  • Talk with scientists and engage with their work. Support student researchers in their burgeoning identity as a scientist.

We want your expertise as well! Offer your feedback on BioSci Southwest’s content by reviewing presentations and posters. Your feedback will be used when determining award winners. 

Register Today! The symposium is free and includes admission to all events. Space is limited and registration only takes 20 seconds. 

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Submit Abstract

Abstract Guidelines

  • Double spaced

  • Times New Roman, 12pt

  • 250 words max

  • List all authors with affiliations

Please see abstract guidelines and the abstract template for more information. 


Lightning Talks

  • Five-minute max

  • Big problem, big picture, big solution. 

  • Engaging and fast-paced

Please see lightning talk guidelines for more information. 


Poster Presentations 

  • Students can use a traditional design (example)

  • New poster format is also acceptable (example)

  • NPR article on the new format, created by Mike Morrison

Please see poster presentation guidelines for more information.

Poster Symposium


Register TODAY!

Attendee Engagement

Scientists need to communicate effectively to a wide variety of audiences. Not only do they share research with their colleagues, they must also convey it to non-scientists in an understandable and relatable way.

That’s where you come in. We care about your feedback. Did you find a poster’s design exceptional? Was a lightning talk delivered well?

We want to know.

BioSci Southwest attendees can evaluate presenters via QR code surveys. Presenter awards willl be given based on your feedback. 

Join us at BioSci Southwest and be part of the community conversation.



  • Arizona State University
  • School of Life Sciences Graduate Programs
  • School of Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Program (SOLUR)


Hybrid Event
Arizona Ballroom (Memorial Union)
Online via Zoom and GatherTown


Friday, Oct. 29, 2021
1 - 5 p.m. 




School of Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Program



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