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Current Graduate Students

Welcome to the School of Life Sciences graduate program!

Our goal is to provide you with broad, interdisciplinary training in modern approaches to life sciences research. We will help you develop the skills you need to embark upon a successful career path.

With mentoring from faculty who are experts in their respective fields, and with access to modern research facilities, our graduate students are successfully reaching their career goals.

Our graduate students are typically supported by teaching or research assistantships. You may receive additional financial support from the Graduate Programs Office, including supplemental summer stipends and conference travel grants.

We encourage you to search and apply for additional funding from other internal and external sources (see right).

Graduate Student Spotlight

  • Courtney Currier

    Current year status: MS candidate
    Hometown: Troy, Michigan
    Degree program: Biology
    Student Status: Graduate
  • Katherine Larrimore

    Current year status: PhD candidate
    Hometown: Shepherdstown, West Virginia
    Degree program: Molecular and Cellular Biology
    Student Status: Graduate
  • Tanvi Prasad Honap

    Current year status: PhD candidate
    Hometown: Pune, India
    Degree program: Evolutionary Biology
    Student Status: Graduate
  • Mar Mancha

    Current year status: PhD candidate
    Hometown: Saltillo, Mexico
    Degree program: Environmental Life Sciences
    Student Status: Graduate
  • Karen Love

    Current year status: MS candidate
    Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina
    Degree program: Biology and Society
    Student Status: Graduate

Getting Started

The information below to provides useful publications and forms, as well as information on registration, writing your thesis or dissertation, and how to survive life as a graduate student.


Search through the information below to find how to proceed through your degree program.

ASU Forms

Graduate Education Forms

School of Life Sciences Travel Grant forms

Application forms will be emailed to you at the appropriate time. Contact Wendi Simonson for more information.

Travel Forms


If you are a current School of Life Sciences graduate student, we will email applications for funding opportunities to you at the appropriate time. Contact Yvonne Delgado or Wendi Simonson for more information.

  • Graduate Education Travel Grants
  • Edward and Linda Birge Graduate Travel Award
  • Lisa Dent Memorial Fellowship
  • Michael A. Cichan Memorial Award Endowment
  • Peabody Family Memorial Fellowship
  • SOLS Completion Fellowships
  • SOLS Graduate Student Travel Grants
  • SOLS Research Scholarships
  • SOLS STRI Fellowships - spring semester

ASU Funding Opportunities


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