Greer Dolby

Postdoctoral Research Assoc.
Post Doctoral Scholars
TEMPE Campus


I'm an evolutionary biologist studying the co-evolutionary nature of Earth and life. I work at the interface of physical and biological processes across timescales; with training in geology and biology I choose projects motivated by this basic question: how does the physical evolution of Earth drive the genetic, diversity, speciation, and distribution patterns we see in species today? 


Boston University  B.A. 1. Earth Sciences  2. Biology w/ Spec. Conservation & Ecology  2008

University of Californi, Los Angeles  M.S. Biology 2013

University of Californi, Los Angeles  Ph.D. Biology 2015

Research Interests

-assessing the role of glacioeustatic sea-level change in the distribution of coastal habitats in tectonically complex regions in genetic diversification of coastal fishes (California & Gulf of California)

-testing tectonic, climatic, volcanic, esutstatic, and weather-driven drivers of vicariant speciation and endemism along the Baja California peninsula and greater Sonoran Desert

-determining genes that underlying local adaptation in desert tortoises (Gopherus spp.) using population genomic sequencing and ecological niche models.

-convergence of population genetic theory, patterns of genome evolution and organism complexity in the RNA world


Spring 2018
Course Number Course Title
BIO 543 Molecular Genetics & Genomics