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I received my PhD in History and Philosophy of Science in 2017 from ASU, in which I investigated the history of the intersection of development and evolution within research on mammalian teeth. I spent a Fulbright year with the evolutionary phenomics laboratory of Jukka Jernvall at the University of Helsinki. During my PhD studies, I managed the MBL History Project, wrote and edited for the Embryo Project Encyclopedia, worked as a Project Coordinator for the Center for Biology and Society at ASU for four years, and was the developing editor for Harvard University Press for Lucie Laplane’s book, Cancer Stem Cells: Philosophy and Therapies. Prior to pursuing my doctorate, I earned an MPhil in Human Evolutionary Studies from the University of Cambridge in 2010, where I attended as a Gates Scholar, and a BPhil in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2009, where I also earned a minor in German Studies and a certificate in the Conceptual Foundations of Medicine (HPS).


Arizona State University, School of Life Sciences, Center for Biology and Society

PhD: History and Philosophy of Science

University of Cambridge, Churchill College

Master of Philosophy: Human Evolutionary Studies

University of Pittsburgh, University Honors College

Bachelor of Philosophy: Anthropology

Minor: German Studies

Certificate: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine (HPS)


Research Interests

History and philosophy of biology

Embryology/developmental biology in the 20th century


Evolutionary theory and history

Developmental evolution/Evo-Devo

Germ line theory/Germ line regeneration



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Research Activity

The driving theme of my research in the history and philosophy of science is understanding the roles that assumptions play within scientific practice and explanations, particularly in studies of development and evolution. My research has focused on the ways in which investigators have understood and explained mammalian tooth development, from the late-19th century to present day, and how development and evolution have been perceived as intertwined within this work.

My latest research project has a two-fold focus. First, I am interested in how scientists have defined and approached the study of regeneration–a phenomenon that can be found playing out throughout the entire span of complex living systems, from microbial communities, to organisms, to ecosystems. Second, I am interested in regeneration in germ cells, and in particular, understanding how scientists have attributed certain properties (i.e. sequestration, quiescence) to germ cells/germ lines, and how these features have influenced our understanding of both what germ cells are and how they act. For this second focus, I have started a collaboration with MBL Hibbitt Fellow, Duygu Özpolat.


Fall 2019
Course Number Course Title
BIO 318 History of Medicine
HPS 331 History of Medicine
Fall 2015
Course Number Course Title
HPS 516 History of Biology
BIO 518 History of Biology
BIO 591 Seminar


2012-2013     Fulbright Grantee (Finland)

2009-2010    Gates Cambridge Scholar (University of Cambridge)


Developing Editor, Harvard University Press. Developing Editor on Lucie Laplanes book: Cancer Stem Cell

Professional Associations

Philosophy of Science Association (September 2016 to present) MBL Society (July 2015 to present) Pan American Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology (April 2015 to present) International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB) (2011 to present) History of Science Society (HSS) (2010 to present)


September 2015-present: Coordinator, Digital History and Philosophy of Science Consortium

July 2014-present: Student representative, Joint Caucus for Socially Engaged Philosophers and Historians of Science (JCSEPHS), History of Science Society/Philosophical Society of America