Avoiding alternative facts presented as reality

Evidence-based teaching seminar

Student engagement in self-determined information seeking and social media interactions

Louis S. Nadelson, PhD
Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics
Colorado Mesa University

In the age of fake-news and misinformation there is high potential for students to be influenced by false information and form perceptions that may lead to strongly held misconceptions. The potential is even greater given that much of the information seeking our student engage in is self-determined. Self- determined learning or “heutagogy” take place when individuals have the freedom to determine the information content and duration of their interactions, which takes place frequently. To effectively prepare students for filtering information for validity and accuracy it is essential to know about their self-directed information seeking habits. In this presentation I will provide data that can increase understanding of the elements of heutagogy as applied to student information seeking and interactions. The presentation will include group activities to explore how to prepare students to identify trusted sources of information so that they may effectively engage in heutagogy with beneficial learning outcomes.

Louis S. Nadelson, PhD. Currently teaches statistics and research methods at Colorado Mesa University. He holds a B.S in biological and physical sciences from Colorado State University, a B.A. with a concentration in mathematics and computer science from The Evergreen State College, a teaching certificate from the University of Puget Sound, a M.Ed. in instructional technology leadership from Western Washington University, and a Ph.D. in educational psychology – emphasis on research methods and measurement from UNLV. His scholarly interests include teaching and learning, preservice and inservice teacher professional development, program evaluation, multidisciplinary research, and conceptual change. He uses his over 20 years of high school and college math, science, engineering, and computer science teaching to frame his research on teaching and learning. Dr. Nadelson has published with over 50 students and 40 different faculty members across an array of disciplines.

This presentation is part of the Evidence-Based Teaching in STEM Seminar Series. Register for BIO494/BIO598 to earn credit!

Tuesday, Feb. 21 | 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
LSC 180
School of Life Sciences - C wing