How to prioritize sites to represent species when you don’t know where species are

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Fábio Albuquerque, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Science and Mathematics
Arizona State University

I obtained my PhD in 2009 from the Universidad de Alcalá (Spain). My dissertation focused on biogeographical patterns of plants. As a Postdoctoral scholar, I examined the role of climatic and human factors in governing the spatial distribution of tree species in Mesoamerica. In addition, I helped to develop new approaches to identify priority areas for conservation over broad and local scales. Now, I am an Assistant Professor at the Science and Mathematics Faculty in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at Arizona State University.

I am a conservation ecologist and a biogeographer at Arizona State University. My research is aimed at (i) developing modeling tools to identify the drivers of species diversity; (ii) developing new approaches to identify priority areas for conservation; and (iii) evaluating innovative geostatistical approaches that account for the complexity in structure and composition of ecosystems to mitigate disturbance and climate change impacts.

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