ASU professor speaks on mitigating urban greenhouse gas emissions


Sandra Leander

The United Nations Climate Conference is underway in the Peruvian capital of Lima. Delegates there are receiving urgent messages about global warming, including information about record temperatures on both land and vast areas of ocean surfaces. Delegates from 190 nations are working to reach policy agreements on climate change.

During the conference, Arizona State University associate professor Kevin Gurney is presenting information on how cities can help mitigate urban greenhouse gas emissions by rigorously measuring them.

In an article appearing in Next City, author Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow highlights a joint effort by Arizona State University's Hestia Project and the Megacities Carbon Project with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to measure cities’ carbon emissions.

Along with the NASA research, Gurney’s Hestia Project helps provide cities with a picture of their CO2 emissions – in much greater detail than previously available.

Gurney presented his research Dec. 5 during the U.N. Climate Conference in Peru. His talk is part of a session on understanding the carbon emissions of cities and will focus on applying urban carbon data to address the needs of local decision-makers and planners.