ASU researchers look to nature to solve societal challenges

Sethuraman "Panch" Panchanathan discusses nature-inspired research in his latest column in The Arizona Republic. Panchanathan is the senior vice president for ASU's Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development.

Panchanathan describes biomimicry, or biomimetics, the process of studying nature to engineer human solutions, and also provides examples of how ASU researchers are taking this approach in various areas throughout the university.

"The future holds even more promising opportunities for us to learn from nature,” said Panchanathan. β€œIn my own field, computer science and engineering, researchers are working to make computing devices and environments increasingly mimic human capabilities, such as understanding subtle cues, learning and adapting to people and situations.”

To learn more about exciting discoveries and inventions at ASU, follow Panchanathan's column, which appears on a monthly basis in the Opinions section.