Jane Maienschein

University Professor of History of Science; Regents’, President’s, and Parents Association Professor; Dir., Center for Biology and Society; Faculty Leader, Human Dimensions; Distinguished Sustainability Scientist
Jane Maienschein
Phone: (480) 965-6105
Office: LSC 284, Lab: LSC 250
Education: PhD, Indiana University
Curriculum Vitae: PDF icon Maienschein cv July 2015.pdf
Faculty Group: Human Dimensions

Jane Maienschein specializes in the history and philosophy of biology and the way biology, bioethics and bio-policy play out in society.

Maienschein and her team research embryology, genetics, and cell biology. They analyze epistemological standards, theories, and laboratory practices and combine that with their studies of people and institutions, as well as the changing social, political, and legal context in which science thrives.

She served as fellow with the U.S. House of Representatives during the 105th Congress. Maienschein has filled many leadership roles at ASU and with professional societies, panels with NIH, NSF, NEH and committees at the National Academy of Sciences. Founder and director of the Biology and Society Program and Center, Maienschein promotes education and research at the intersection of biological science and society.

Select Publications

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