Kathleen B. Pigg

Kathleen Pigg
Email: kpigg@asu.edu
Phone: (480) 965-3154
Office: LSE 744
Education: PhD, Ohio State University
Curriculum Vitae: PDF icon pigg_k_cv.pdf
Faculty Group: Human Dimensions

As a paleobotanist, Kathleen Pigg primarily studies plant fossils from the past 65 million years that are found in western North America. Her research team is investigating the evolution, biogeographic distribution and adaptations of major flowering plant groups. They collect and study fossilized fruits, seeds, flowers and leaves and compare them with those of modern relatives.

Pigg’s research group is studying the evolution of dormancy mechanisms by examining fossil plants from northeastern Washington, found in an area that was a higher elevation than other coastal areas during warm, Eocene times. These fossils are early examples of temperate plants such as maples, birches and the rose family.

This research will help the team learn about the evolutionary mechanisms of temperate plants —plants that today, face the challenges of global warming.

Select Publications

  • Dillhoff RM, TA Dillhoff, DR Greenwood, ML DeVore and KB Pigg. in press. The Eocene Thomas Ranch flora, Allenby Formation, Princeton, British Columbia, Canada, Botan.
  • DeVore, ML, and KB Pigg 2013. Paleobotanical evidence for the origins of temperate hardwoods. International Journal of Plant Sciences 174: 592-2013.DOI: 10.1086/668687
  • Zetter, R., MJ Farabee, KB Pigg, SR Manchester, ML DeVore and MD Nowak. 2011. Palynoflora of the late Paleocene silicified shale at Almont, North Dakota, USA. Palynology 2011: 1-33. DOI :10.1080/01916122.2010.50164
  • Benedict, JC, ML DeVore, and KB Pigg. 2011 Prunus and Oemleria (Rosaceae) flowers from the late early Eocene Republic flora of northeastern Washington state, USA. International Journal of Plant Sciences 172: 948-958.
  • Graham, LE, ME Cook, DT Hanson, KB Pigg & JM Graham. 2010a. Structural, physiological, and stable carbon isotopic evidence that the enigmatic Paleozoic fossil Prototaxites formed from rolled liverwort mats. American Journal of Botany 97:1-9, doi:10/3732/ajb.0900322.
  • leaf montage
    A selection of the types of plants Pigg and her colleagues find fossilized in Washington.
  • Pigg and her colleagues collect fossils in Washington.
    Pigg and her colleagues collect fossils in Washington.

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