Nancy B. Grimm

Professor; Dir., Central Arizona-Phx LTER; Senior Sustainability Scientist, Global Institute of Sustainability
Phone: (480) 965-4735, Lab ph: (480) 965-1517
Office: LSA 316
Education: PhD, 1985, Arizona State University
Curriculum Vitae: PDF icon GrimmCV2014Aug.pdf

Nancy B. Grimm studies the interaction of climate variation and change, human activities, and ecosystems. Her long-term research focuses on how disturbances (such as flooding or drying) affect the structure and processes of desert streams, how chemical elements move through and cycle within both desert streams and cities, and how storm water infrastructure affects water and material movement across an urban landscape.

Grimm is the director of the Central Arizona–Phoenix LTER program — an interdisciplinary study by ecologists, engineers, physical and social scientists, of the interaction among social, ecological, and technological parts of the Phoenix urban ecosystem. She was President and is a fellow of the Ecological Society of America (ESA), is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement ofScience, and lead author for the National Climate Assessment.

Select Publications

  • Hale, R. L., L. Turnbull, S. Earl, N. B. Grimm, K. M. Riha, G. Michalski, K. Lohse, and D. L. Childers. 2014. Sources and transport of nitrogen in arid urban watersheds. Environmental Science and Technology:
  • Grimm, N. B., Stuart Chapin III, B. Bierwagen, P. Gonzalez, P. M. Groffman, Y. Luo, F. Melton, K. Nadelhoffer, A. Pairis, P. Raymond, J. Schimel, and C. E. Williamson. 2013. The impacts of climate change on ecosystem structure and function. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment: in press.
  • Grimm, N. B., C. L. Redman, C. G. Boone, D. L. Childers, S. L. Harlan, and B. L. Turner, II. 2013. Viewing the urban socio-ecological system through a sustainability lens: lessons and prospects from the Central Arizona–Phoenix LTER programme. Pages 217-246 inS. Singh, H. Haberl, M. Chertow, M. Mirtl, and M. Schmid, editors. Long term socio-ecological research: Studies in society-nature interactions across spatial and temporal scales. Human-Environment Interaction Series, Volume 2. Springer Netherlands.
  • Harms, T. K., and N. B. Grimm. 2012. Responses of trace gases to hydrologic pulses in desert floodplains. Journal of Geophysical Research, Biogeosciences 117: doi 10.1029/2011JG001775.
  • Zhang, Chi, Jianguo Wu, Nancy B. Grimm, Melissa McHale, Alexander Buyantuyev. 2013. A hierarchical patch mosaic ecosystem model for urban landscapes: Model development and evaluation. Ecological Modeling 250:81-100.
  • Sonoran Desert
    Urban and stream ecosystems in the Sonoran Desert.