Robert E. Page Jr.

Provost Emeritus; Foundation Chair of Life Sciences
Robert E. Page, Jr.
Phone: (480) 965-1288
Office: Fulton Center Suite 145
Education: PhD, University of California, Davis
Curriculum Vitae: PDF icon Page CV_2015.pdf
Faculty Group: Human Dimensions

Robert E. Page Jr. is University Provost Emeritus and Foundation Chair of Life Sciences at Arizona State University. Dean Page joined ASU in 2004 after 15 years on the faculty of the UC-Davis where he served as chair of entomology.

His background is in behavior and population genetics. Page’s current research focuses on the evolution of complex social behavior. Using the honey bee as a model, Page has dissected bees’ complex foraging division of labor at all levels of biological organization — from gene networks to complex social interactions.

Provost Page is charged with the stewardship of Arizona State University. He is building on his work as the Founding Director of ASU’s School of Life Sciences, where he launched the university’s first fully integrated, interdisciplinary academic unit. He also served as Vice Provost and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Select Publications

  • Ihle K. E., O. Rueppell, Z. Y. Huang, Y. Wang, M. K. Fondrk, R. E. Page, and G. V. Amdam. 2015. Genetic architecture of a hormonal response to gene knockdown in honey bees.  Heredity 106: 155-165.
  • Beye M., C. Seelmann, T. Gempe, M. Hasselmann, Vekemans X., M. K. Fondrk, and R. E. Page. 2013. Gradual molecular evolution of a sex determination switch through incomplete penetrance of femaleness.  Current Biology 23: 1-6.
  • R. E. Page. 2013. The Spirit of the Hive: the mechanisms of social evolution. Harvard University Press, Cambridge.
  • Page, R. E., O. Rüppell, and G. V. Amdam. 2012. Genetics of reproduction and regulation of honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) social behavior. Annual Review of Genetics 46: 97-119.
  • Amdam, G. V. and R. E. Page. 2010. The developmental genetics and physiology of honeybee societies. Animal Behavior 79: 973-980.