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Scott Collins

Professor, Joint Appointment, University of New Mexico


2016-        Distinguished Professor, University of New Mexico

2012-        Regents’ Professor, University of New Mexico

2012-17    Loren Potter Chair of Plant Ecology, Department of Biology, UNM

2003-14    Principal Investigator, Sevilleta LTER Program

2003-        Professor of Biology, University of New Mexico

2003-        Professor, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University

1992-03    Program Director, National Science Foundation

1985-94    Assistant, Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma

1984         Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers University

1981-83    Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma


  • Ph.D. Botany, University of Oklahoma 1981
  • M.S. Botany, Miami University 1977
  • B.A. Biology, Wittenberg University 1975

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Research Interests

Plant community dynamics, gradient models and gradient structure, the role of disturbance in communities, fire ecology, patch dynamics, grassland ecology, analysis of species distribution and abundance, local-regional interactions, productivity-diversity relationships, dynamics of aridland ecosystems, climate change impacts on aridland ecosystems.


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Rudgers, J.A., Y.A. Chung, G. Maurer, D.I. Moore, E. Muldavin, M. Litvak and S.L. Collins. 2018. Climate sensitivity functions and net primary production: A framework for incorporating climate mean and variability. Ecology 99: 576582.

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Research Activity

2018   The Sevilleta Meteorological Network: Enhancing and expanding technological infrastructure to assess climate variability in dryland ecosystems. NSF - $204,025 (9/1/2018-8/31/2020) PI: Renée Brown, CoPIs: Scott Collins, Don Natvig

2017     Quantifying the effects of species range shifts and management of post-fire recovery on regional carbon dynamics in a changing climate. USDA -$850,000 (7/1/2017-6/30/2020) PI: Matthew Hurteau, CoPIs: Marcy Litvak, Dan Krofchek, Scott Collins

2017     REU Site: Dynamics of aridland ecosystems in the northern Chihuahuan Desert. NSF - $298,462 (2/1/2017-1/31/2020) PI: Scott Collins, CoPI: Amaris Swann

2017     RAPID: Impact of exceptional drought on transformation of a South African savanna grassland. NSF - $70,439     (1/1/2017-12/31/2017) PI: Melinda Smith, CoPIs: Scott Collins, Alan Knapp, Sally Koerner, Deron Burkepile

2015    Collaborative Research: Parsing the effects of host specificity and geography on plant-fungal symbioses under climate change. NSF - $1,089,436 (UNM portion $406,128) (6/1/15-5/31/19); UNM PI: Jennifer Rudgers, CoPI: Scott Collins

2015      Sevilleta LTER V: Abiotic pulses and constraints: effects on dynamics    and stability in an aridland ecosystem. NSF - $1,960,000 (4/1/15- 3/31/18); PI: Will Pockman, CoPIs: Scott Collins, Cliff Dahm, Marcy Litvak, Kristin Vanderbilt        

2015     Interannual variability in net primary production. US Forest Service RMRS - $92,999 (1/1/15-12/31/19); PI: Scott Collins


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Distinguished Professor, University of New Mexico 2016-

Regents' Professor, University of New Mexico 2012-2016

President, Ecological Society of America 2012-2013

Vice President for Public Affairs, Ecological Soceity of America 2014-2015

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science 2012

Fellow, Ecological Society of America 2016

President, Association of Ecosystem Research Centers 2005


Editor-in-Chief, BioScience 2016-

Editorial Board Member, BioScience 1998-

Editorial Board Member, Oecologia 2008-2016

Editorial Board Member, Ecosphere 2012-2016

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Ecology 2005-2008

Associate Editor, Journal of Vegetation Science 1992-1996

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