SOLUR Student/Faculty Mentor Volunteer Agreement Form – Fall and Spring semesters

We (Student and Faculty Mentor) agree to the following:

  1. The Student will engage in research in the Faculty Mentor’s lab during the semester and year indicated below.
  2. Although the Student must commit to a minimum of three hours of research per week for the entire semester, the Student is encouraged to commit more time to his/her research project.
  3. The Faculty Mentor will describe the duties and responsibilities of the volunteer research experience with expectations analogous to one of the SOLS undergraduate research credit courses (e.g., BIO/MIC/MBB 495).
  4. The Student is enrolled as a full-time student at ASU (12.0 credit hours or more for the semester indicated) and has a current cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  5. The Student and/or Faculty Mentor will contact the SOLUR Program ( if the terms of this agreement change or if the Student is no longer working in the Faculty Mentor’s lab.


Please submit the form electronically ( to receive permission to enroll in BIO 289.

A new form needs to be completed and submitted to the SOLUR Program ( for each semester (Fall/Spring) that the student is participating in the SOLUR seminar course.

Student Information
Faculty Mentor Information
MUST have Professor or Faculty status