Steve Elliott

Center for Biology and Society, LSC 284
Postdoc Rsrch Assoc FSC 2008
Post Doctoral Scholars
TEMPE Campus


Curriculum Vitae

I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology (CGEST). I'm also affiliated with ASU's Center for Biology and Society (CBS) and with the Center for Organizational Research and Design (CORD). I study how scientists legitimize novel forms of knowledge within and across research teams. My current work at CGEST focuses on an emerging discipline in which researchers evaluate culturally responsive techniques in STEM education. This work is funded by the NSF. I also assist with research aspects of a project to enhance STEM education in rural schools throuought the US southwest, a project funded by the Department of Education

Before that, I studied novel research systems being developed at the interface of evolutionary genetics and developmental evolution. Much of that work is under review or soon will be, but see here for a preview. 

While I completed my doctoral training in ASU's CBS, I was fortunate to help lead the Embryo Project Encyclopedia as editor in chief. With my outstanding colleagues, we transformed the encyclopedia into a major outreach endeavor, now garnering greater than 2 million annual page views, citations from academic and mass media, and endorsements from professional biology societies. For this work, we received the 2018 Joseph H. Hazen Prize from the History of Science Society for outstanding contributions to education and outreach. 

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Spring 2017
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HPS 591 Seminar
BIO 591 Seminar
Fall 2016
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HPS 591 Seminar
BIO 591 Seminar


2015  Flinn-Brown Fellow. Arizona Center for Civic Leadership, Phoenix, AZ

2014  Spirit of Service Scholar. ASU College of Public Service & Community Solutions, Phoenix, AZ



2011-17   Editor in Chief. Embryo Project Encyclopedia. Tempe, AZ
2015-17  Editor and co-founder. Reproductive Health Arizona (RHAZ). Tempe, AZ