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Current Graduate Students

Welcome to the School of Life Sciences graduate program!

Our goal is to provide you with broad, interdisciplinary training in modern approaches to life sciences research. We will help you develop the skills you need to embark upon a successful career path.

With mentoring from faculty who are experts in their respective fields, and with access to modern research facilities, our graduate students are successfully reaching their career goals.

Our graduate students are typically supported by teaching or research assistantships. You may receive additional financial support from the Graduate Programs Office, including supplemental summer stipends and conference travel grants.

We encourage you to search and apply for additional funding from other internal and external sources.

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Elizabeth Daly
Grad Teaching Assistant

Daly is a PhD candidate with the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. Her research interests include dental development and morphology, human anatomy and evolution, morphological variation, and evolutionary theory.

Qi Deng
Grad Teaching Assistant
Tess Doezema
Grad Research Assistant
Meghan Duell
Grad Research Assistant
Jessica Ebie
Grad Teaching Assistant
Steve Elliott
Grad Intern
Center for Biology and Society, LSC 284
Ti Eriksson
Grad Intern
Eduardo Espiritu
Grad Research Assistant
Adrian Esqueda
Grad Teaching Assistant
Radwa Ewaisha
Grad Teaching Assistant
Megan Fitzhugh
Grad Research Assistant
Karla Franco
Grad Research Assistant
Raul Garcia
Grad Research Assistant
Xiaohui Guo
Grad Teaching Assistant
Gyan Harwood
Grad Teaching Assistant
Michael Holter
Grad Research Assistant