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Financial support for graduate education

Financial support for doctoral students

All students accepted into a PhD program administered by the School of Life Sciences receive financial support through Research and Teaching Assistantships. This funding guarantee is renewable for four additional years as long as you are making satisfactory progress toward your degree.  

The assistantships provide a competitive stipend, health insurance and tuition support to cover the required 84 hours of the degree. In addition, some fellowships are available through ASU’s Graduate Education.

You are also encouraged to apply for other fellowships or traineeships (e.g., National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Howard Hughes and Ford Foundations, or foreign government scholarships).

Financial support for master's students 

Students accepted into a master's program administered by the School of Life Sciences do not receive a funding guarantee but are eligible to earn assistantships if they are available.

Note: There are some program-specific funding guidelines. For more information, contact the director of the program to which you are applying.

Financial support for graduate student research and training

We provide additional financial support to School of Life Sciences graduate students who need extra funds for limiting factors in their dissertation or thesis research. This competitive award of up to $2,000 includes funds for facilities, fieldwork, research support, or a workshop that is outside of ASU.

Application deadlines: Jan. 31, April 30, Aug. 31 and Nov. 30.
If you are current life sciences graduate student, you can find the submission requirements and procedures in the Research Advancement section of our employee intranet.