Dominic Nicacio

Biological Sciences
Seattle, Washington

Why did you choose ASU?

I grew up in Seattle, Washington, which is notorious for rain. I love the sun, so I knew I was going out-of-state. ASU had my interest from the get go because of the weather, but after looking into everything else the school had to offer, I was pretty much sold.

What was the most important thing you learned during your first semester?

By far the most important thing I learned in my first semester was to SEEK HELP. I discovered so many untapped resources I wish I had found earlier. The first half of my semester, I tried to do everything on my own. I learned that the most efficient way to get better is to seek help from others. In-person tutors, online tutors, professors' office hours, TA office hours, Facebook groups — all are available to you. Use them!

What was your greatest challenge during that time?

It was learning how to succeed in tough classes like general chemistry and general biology. I didn’t have a solid foundation in either of those classes from high school and I struggled to keep up at first. I overcame my struggles by going directly to the professors and tutors and making a plan on how to do well in the class. Hard work really took care of the rest.

So far, what is your favorite experience as an ASU student?

I think being in the midst of all the craziness in the dorms freshman year was one of my favorite experiences. I met so many of my friends and had a great time adjusting to being on my own in college.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan on going to medical school. Basically, I am hoping to become a freshman all over again as a first-year medical student.