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If you’re looking for a career in medicine or biotechnology, microbiology, or conservation biology and ecology, or you simply want to explore the life sciences, you’re in the right place.

Our mission is to inspire and transform our life science students by providing an innovative learning experience that prepares them to thrive in a dynamic and demanding world.

We also strive to improve life by stimulating scientific discovery and solving critical problems at the intersection of the life sciences and society. Explore our degree programs and meet our award-winning faculty to learn more.

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New Faculty Positions on Microbiomes

Events Schedule

Thursday, December 3

  1. CEM seminar w/ Michael Eisen | LSE 244
    • Calendar: SOLS Seminar
    • Start time: 12:00pm
    • RSVP

  2. Neuroscience Research seminar w/ Thurman Lockhart | BNI Goldman Auditorium
    • Calendar: SOLS Seminar
    • Start time: 04:30pm
    • "Fall risk assessment in community-dwelling elderly using wearable wireless sensors"

Friday, December 4

  1. Evidence-based Teaching in STEM | LSE 104
    • Calendar: SOLS Seminar
    • Start time: 02:00pm
    • Diane Ebert May, Plant Biology Department, Michigan State University
      "Profession development for student-centered instruction"

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  2. MCB Colloquium w/ Jian Zhang | Biodesign AL1-10/14
    • Calendar: SOLS Seminar
    • Start time: 03:30pm
    • "Preventing cancer early in mouse models - early CTLA4/PDL1 treatment and prophylactic cancer vaccine"

Thursday, December 10

  1. Mini Health Screening | LSE B34 and B35

Friday, January 15

  1. AWIS JumpStarting STEM Careers 2016 Conference
    • Calendar: SOLS Events
    • Start time: 08:00am
    • Old Main, Carson Ballroom

Thursday, February 18

  1. AWIS Creating a Stellar Presentation | Fulton 2490
    • Calendar: SOLS Events
    • Start time: 11:45am
    • Speaker: Patrick Cheung, OKED