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When you give to the School of Life Sciences you are contributing to the causes that you care about most. From cancer to Alzheimer’s, conservation to climate change, your gift advances research for a better future. Your generosity also supports students through scholarships, internships, and travel grants that empower them to undertake their own research projects, and you become a partner in their success as they go on to change the world. 

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ASU School of Life Sciences Courtyard rendered site plan

Courtyard Renovation

We are so excited to share some of the progress we have made in renovating the SOLS Courtyard!

This artist rendering of the courtyard plans wonderfully showcases how we hope to shape this area to be a place of refuge, education, and engagement for our community. A huge thank you goes out to the Ulman Foundation, Desert Botanical Gardens and for your amazing generosity on Sun Devil Giving Day! With foundational construction complete, we are moving forward with design and construction to restore and provide new additions to the desert landscaping around Minckley’s pond where the rare desert pupfish will be placed, as well as adding relevant art and signage in recognition of the Indigenous communities for whom this is their ancestral land.

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Ensuring a sustainable future

From clean energy to climate change, social insect research to a world-renowned natural history collection, the School of Life Sciences is a birthplace of interdisciplinary and innovative research collaborations. When you give to these funds you become partners in their success, dedicated to solving today’s most pressing problems. 

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Advancing research for a healthier tomorrow

We work daily to find answers and solutions to health challenges on both a local and a global scale. Gifts to these funds directly support life-saving research, from identifying and tracking COVID variants for the AZ department of Health, developing rapid antibody tests showing the efficacy of vaccine boosters in preventing COVID infection, to understanding the evolution of cancer cells in the body.

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Fostering outreach and education

Our faculty and staff are committed to excellence in education - both at ASU and for our surrounding communities! Gifts to these funds support innovative solutions for connected and inclusive curriculum, as well as incredible resource and outreach programs like Ask A Biologist - a preK-12 biology learning resource that predates Google!

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