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Undergraduate Degree Programs

If you’re looking for a career in medicine or biotechnology, microbiology, or conservation biology and ecology, or you simply want to explore the life sciences, you’re in the right place.

Our faculty members — leading researchers in their fields — work side-by-side with students in the classroom, the lab, and in the field.

We hope you’ll be inspired when you discover the exciting research opportunities available to you as an undergraduate.

We offer three undergraduate degrees and four concentrations. Our Advising and Student Services Office can help you get started.

Transform your career and join the next generation of highly-trained medical professionals and life scientists.

Graduate Degree Programs

We house a broad group of faculty and students engaged in cutting-edge research across the spectrum of biological sciences. We are proud of our disciplinary strengths, as well as our interdisciplinary research and training opportunities. Our faculty members typically participate in more than one MS and PhD and degree program.

As one of the top research institutions in the country, we offer diverse opportunities for graduate training — largely tailored to your individual interest and background. Our PhD students receive a minimum of five years guaranteed funding through research and teaching fellowships.

We invite you to explore our graduate degrees, and join us for your journey through the life sciences.

Collaboration and cascading mentorship

Jorge Ramos, a fifth-year doctoral student in Arizona State University’s Environmental Life Science Program, is studying the ecology of wetland ecosystems — a pursuit that soon after landing him at ASU has since taken him to places around the world.

Undergraduate Degrees

We offer three Bachelor of Science degrees. If you are interested in medical school, graduate programs, or research-related careers, this is a perfect place to start your college career.


We also offer five concentrations within the Biological Sciences major. You can earn your degree without specializing, or, choose a concentration in:

Within our microbiology degree program, we offer one concentration:

Our degrees are rigorous and flexible. It’s relatively easy to switch between majors or concentrations, especially within your first two years. Emerging areas, such as bio-informatics, don’t fit easily into a single concentration or major. Discuss your options with an academic advisor.

If you’re interested in post-graduate study or medical school, all of our majors and concentrations are outstanding choices.

Minors and Certificates and Accelerated BS/MS


Biological Sciences Minor (PDF currently being updated)


History and Philosophy of Science Certificate (PDF)

Accelerated BS/MS degrees (concurrent)

Other degrees

BIS Biological Sciences Concentration (PDF)
BAE Secondary Education (emphasis in Biological Sciences) (see Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College advisor)

Are you pre-med?

Browse our Pre-Med FAQ for answers to your questions about our majors and applying to medical school.


Graduate Degrees

As a School of Life Sciences graduate student, you will earn your degree from a program housed in our school or in the ASU Graduate College.

Our degree programs are flexible so we can meet the interests and needs of each student. Our faculty members participate in one or more School of Life Sciences graduate degree programs and many also participate in ASU Graduate College Interdisciplinary PhD Programs.

Search our degrees for more information. Be sure to check with potential mentors about which degree programs they participate in, and which is the most suitable program for you.

PhD degrees

MS degrees

Biology and Society (a concentration within the Biology MS)
Biomimicry - Online
Plant Biology and Conservation

Accelerated BS/MS degrees

Biology and Society (concentrations within the Biology degrees)