Degree programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs

If you’re looking for a career in medicine or biotechnology, microbiology, or conservation biology and ecology, or you simply want to explore the life sciences, you’re in the right place.

Our faculty members — leading researchers in their fields — work side-by-side with students in the classroom, the lab, and in the field.

We hope you’ll be inspired when you discover the exciting research opportunities available to you as an undergraduate.

We offer three undergraduate degrees and four concentrations. Our Advising and Student Services Office can help you get started.

Transform your career and join the next generation of highly-trained medical professionals and life scientists.

Graduate Degree Programs

We house a broad group of faculty and students engaged in cutting-edge research across the spectrum of biological sciences. We are proud of our disciplinary strengths, as well as our interdisciplinary research and training opportunities. Our faculty members typically participate in more than one MS and PhD and degree program.

As one of the top research institutions in the country, we offer diverse opportunities for graduate training — largely tailored to your individual interest and background. Our PhD students receive a minimum of five years guaranteed funding through research and teaching fellowships.

We invite you to explore our graduate degrees, and join us for your journey through the life sciences.