Pre-med FAQ

Is School of Life Sciences a good choice for pre-med?

Yes — an excellent choice! If you want to become a primary care physician, medical specialist, surgeon or biomedical researcher, ASU’s School of Life Sciences is a great place to start.

In fact, School of Life Sciences has had more students accepted into medical school (each year since 2010) than any other school at ASU.  

Our majors provide a comprehensive education in the life sciences. You will gain the critical-thinking and study skills, research experience and core concepts you need to be admitted to medical school.

Does School of Life Sciences offer a major called "pre-med"?

No. We do not — for good reason.

The top medical schools prefer students who receive a traditional liberal arts education. Since course requirements for medical school are minimal, take science courses that will best prepare you for the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test).

Which major will “best” prepare me for medical school?

The best major is the one you are most passionate about. Medical schools want mature, well-rounded scholars who are enthusiastic about learning, have diverse interests and are inspired by public service.

Will my classes fulfill the pre-requisites for health professional school?

Yes. The most common course requirements include:

  • Biology, cell biology, microbiology, genetics, physiology
  • Biochemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry
  • Calculus, physics, statistics
  • English

Most, if not all of these courses are required for our majors. Health professional schools may have different prerequisites — check their admission requirements online to be sure.

Pre-health advising

Pre-health advisors will guide you through the process to prepare for and apply to health professional school. The ASU Pre-health website is an excellent resource.

You may request a pre-health advising meeting with the Health Professions Advising Office.

I want to become a doctor. How can you help?

Our exciting, hands-on research opportunities can elevate and inspire your career path.

We encourage you to:

  • work side-by-side with our world-class scientists
  • conduct independent research in a top-notch lab

Take advantage of opportunities in research, leadership and service learning. Scholarships and awards are also available.

Research experience is especially critical for a successful application to medical school.

Will a life science major prepare me for my admissions test? (MCAT, DAT, PCAT, GRE)

Our courses will help prepare you for the physical and biological sciences portions of admissions tests.  We will teach you how to think like scientists by developing your skills in data analysis, critical thinking and science communication.