Faculty Groups

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Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Basic and applied research, technologies, and education focusing on medicine, bioindustry, and agriculture; examples include recombinant DNA applications, development of novel pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biomaterials, and biological production platforms, studies of host–microbe interactions and disease mechanisms, and bioremediation.

This Tree Frog in Costa Rica is about the same size a human finger

Global Change Biology

This faculty group focuses research and education on the following: ecology, evolution and behavior of organisms; the diversity and systematic relationships among species and change in these relationships through time; and the responses of organisms and ecological systems to human activity and environmental change. Graduate studies in ecology and evolution involve biology, plant biology and microbiology with a concentration in ecology.

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Genomics, Evolution and Bioinformatics

This faculty group focuses research and education on empirical, experimental, computational and theoretical studies of the patterns and processes that shape the diversity of genomes and their products.

Scientist studying with skeletal structure behind them

Human Dimensions

This faculty group focuses research and education on human interactions with nature and the environment; the science of humans (behavior and evolution); science as a human endeavor (history and philosophy of science); and the interplay of science and society in the context of education, public policy, law and daily life.

Students using a syringe under guidance of their professor

Organismal Biology

This faculty group focuses research and education on organisms and their component systems and mechanisms. The group has an integrative perspective on the structure and function of organisms, interactions between organisms, interactions of organisms with their environments, and the evolution of organismal function and diversity.