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Your generosity directly supports our undergraduate and graduate students, ground-breaking research, and outreach to the next generation of scientists and innovators.

The Impact of Your Philanthropy

Every year, the Arizona State University community comes together to celebrate Sun Devil Giving Day, a university-wide day of giving in which ASU supporters give to their passions through the university.

This Sun Devil Giving Day, we’re asking donors to give to our SOLS General Fund, our most flexible source of funding for undergraduate and graduate student programs, ground-breaking research, K-12 outreach, travel awards, and all other activities the school fulfills. 

Your gift to the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University is more than a donation. Whether you want to advance research to solve real-world problems or support students in pursuing their dreams, your gift enables innovative ways to strengthen the Sun Devil community and beyond.

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How can you make a difference?

Support Life Sciences Research

One of the most important aspects of a life sciences education is real-world research opportunities. At the School of Life Sciences, our research programs give students hands-on experience as early as their Freshman year while preparing them for career paths such as scientists, doctors, professors, and other job positions where research is a vital activity. By supporting SOLS, you’re helping students and faculty make groundbreaking discoveries that will change how we see the world around us.

 What can your gift do?

  • Funding supports expanding opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students beyond what state funding and tuition can provide.
  • Funding enables our clinical internship program, which matches students with the internship opportunities they need to cultivate their skills and experience.
  • Funding enables mentorship and professional development programs that provide invaluable guidance to our undergraduates as they navigate the competitive fields of graduate and medical school applications and take the next steps in their careers. 
  • Funding provides printing and travel support for undergraduate students to participate in conferences and research competitions countrywide.

Give a gift to support student research

Support Student Financial Aid

Your support for SOLS helps students in need through critical and urgent financial assistance to students facing unexpected expenses, emergencies, and other financial challenges that could derail their studies. Thanks to your support, the Graduate Crisis Support Fund has helped many students overcome financial hurdles while staying on track with their research and academic goals.

  What can your gift do?

  • Your donations support emergency financial assistance for students in 19 graduate programs beyond what state funding and tuition can provide. 
  • Your gift will alleviate students’ emergency medical, travel, housing, and technology burdens and allow them to pursue their degrees uninterrupted. 
  • Established in 2020, your support has enabled over 20 graduate students to overcome financial obstacles. 
  • Your generosity helps to ensure the promise of a graduate education is accessible to everyone.

Give a gift to support grad students in need

three students stand semi-circle looking at something in a marsh.

Support Undergraduate and Graduate Students’ Success

Following the ASU Charter, which states that we are not measured by whom we exclude, but by whom we include, your support for SOLS helps us create accessible academic resources and programs to reach more undergraduate and graduate students than ever. With innovative technologies such as Dreamscape Learn, your support is helping us push the boundaries of higher education and deliver degrees of the future to prepare students for various career paths in the life sciences. Your support also makes a significant impact on our 4,000 online students with funding for innovative online programs and immersive learning environments.

 What can your gift do?

  • Funding enables the creation and expansion of new academic programs utilizing cutting-edge technology.
  • Funding supports programs dedicated to inclusiveness in research environments, such as the WINURE program.
  • Funding supports student success programs in coordination with academic advisors to find innovative and better ways to help students.

Give a gift to support the School of Life Sciences

Support Outreach & Education for All Ages

When you give to SOLS, you support programs like Ask A Biologist, one of the largest biology learning resource tools for students, teachers, parents, and lifelong learners. Ask A Biologist is visited, on average, 99,000 times each day and has answered more than 45,000 biology questions. Ask A Biologist continues to be free to the public with the help of our volunteers and supporters. Your gift will ensure this 25+ year legacy will continue to enrich the minds of young learners for generations to come.

 What can your gift do?

  • We use your gift to create illustrations that help explain complex topics to a wide audience.
  • We use your gift to develop powerful interactive learning tools through games and simulations.
  • We use your gift to support educators as they partner with us to create content for K-12 classrooms worldwide.
  • We use your gift to develop and maintain our website and carry our resources to over 4 million visitors in 195 countries.
  • We use your gift to translate our learning resources and activities into new languages to reach a wider audience.

Give a gift to support Ask A Biologist

ASU School of Life Sciences Courtyard rendered site plan

School of Life Sciences Courtyard

We are so excited to share some of the progress we have made in renovating the SOLS Courtyard

We have made so much progress in the courtyard over the past year. This artist rendering of the courtyard plans wonderfully showcases how we hope to shape this area to be a place of refuge, education, and engagement for our community. A huge thank you goes out to the Ulman Foundation, Desert Botanical Gardens and for your amazing generosity last Giving Day. With foundational construction complete, we are moving forward with design and construction to restore and provide new additions to the desert landscaping around Minckley’s pond where the rare desert pupfish will be placed, as well as adding relevant art and signage in recognition of the Indigenous communities for whom this is their ancestral land.