LSE 505

LSE 505

LSE 505

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Check out
LSE 237, SOLS Facilities, 480-727-6004
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Bright space perfect for smaller group meetings or presentations.

A/V Instructions

To use mediated conference room

  1. Check out keys, mouse and keyboard from SOLS Facilities in LSE 237.
  2. Be sure TV and computer are turned on.
  3. If the screen does not appear, press “Input” on the remote and choose HDMI.
  4. Turn on mouse (switch on bottom) and keyboard (bottom on right side).
  5. To use a thumb drive, there is a USB port on the back of the computer.
  6. When finished, please turn off computer, TVs, mouse and keyboard.

To use laptop:

  1. There is no laptop hook up for the TVs in this room.
  2. To use a personal laptop, please check out an A/V Cart via link below:

For technical assistance, contact SOLS IT:

Video Conferencing


  1. Skype is preloaded on the attached computer and located on the desktop.
  2. Launch Skype and sign in to your Skype Account.
  3. Use PHNX Duet device for both audio and microphone to avoid issues with echoing.

Request form

Any further questions regarding A/V can be directed to Miguel Carillo Dominguez:
480.965.5087, LSE 229W

ASU Vidyo Service:

  1. This room is set up for ASU’s Vidyo video conferencing system.
  2. Use of this system requires initial training.
  3. Log in Credentials:
  • Home Server:
  • Username: LSC505
  • Password: lsc505

For technical assistance or to schedule a Vidyo training session, contact SOLS IT: