Life Sciences Ethics Program

Ethics Education in the Life Sciences

Students, faculty and staff are frequently faced with challenging ethical issues involved with research and innovation. That’s why we created the Life Science Ethics Program.

This program joins others at ASU that are focused on the human dimensions of science, including the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics and the School for the Future of Innovation in Society.

We are actively taking existing ethics education and research from within our school and growing it into a full-fledged program that complements our undergraduate and graduate degree programs. As a student in our school, you will find unique opportunities to explore the societal and ethical implications of life sciences research and education.

Along with sustainability and entrepreneurship, ethics is an emerging pillar of ASU, contributing to the social embeddedness and public value of our work. As such, the School of Life Sciences seeks to be a leader at ASU in engaging ethics, whether it’s through systematically addressing how to understand the relationship between science and society or in giving students a new, human-focused dimension to their scientific studies.