Assistant Teaching Assistant (ATA) Credit (BIO 494)

Form purpose

This course is for an assistant Teaching Assistant (ATAs) for SOLS lectures. Students must have completed the course prior to applying for an ATA position. For more information, contact the course instructor. Honors students will receive honors credit for this course.

Please note, 6 credit hours of individualized study is the maximum that can be used towards any major degree requirements.
  • 1 credit requires 45 hours is about 1-3 contact hours a week
  • 2 credits requires 90 hours is about 5-6 hours a week
  • 3 credits requires 135 hours is about 8-10 hours a week

Please be prepared to complete multiple steps that may take several days to complete to enable you to accurately fill out this form.  

What you need before you fill out the form

  1. Speak to a faculty member about entering into the agreement for an OMNIBUS course and develop a plan. 
    1. Discuss how many credit hours you are planning to achieve for your class. The university requires 45 hours of contact work per credit. 
    2. Discuss how your work will be evaluated.
    3. Discuss options for social distancing both while working in person and a plan should you have to work remotely.
    4. Develop a brief description of the project and a list of the items you will do to earn the credit hours. This description will be in 2100 characters or less (2 to 3 sentences). 
    5. In the event you have more than one faculty member overseeing your project, you will want to discuss which faculty member will be signing off on the form. Only one faculty member can sign off on each agreement. 
  2. What you should know about Adobe Sign for your form to be successful
    1. DO NOT use an email address that is set to auto-forward. If your ASURite email address is set to auto-forward to a personal address, it is advisable to use the personal email.
      • If you do use a personal email address, you may be required to log out of your ASURite before Adobe will let you access the form.
    2. Only one faculty member should be entered to sign off on the form. If you have 2 faculty members, you will need to decide which faculty member will be responsible for the form agreement
    3. Once you fill out this form, you will be prompted to enter 2 more emails. The first is the faculty member and the second is your own email address. You may use the same email you are using to submit the form. DO NOT use an email address that is set to auto-forward. 
    4. Adobe alerts are often routed to SPAM by the email software.
      • If you find your alert in SPAM you will have to mark it “not SPAM” before you will be able to access the link.
    5. Watch for the “All Parties Finished” email alert from Adobe. If you do not receive this email in about a week, follow up with faculty and/or advising to make sure they received the alert.
      • See the trouble-shooting Adobe Sign dropdown for ways to follow-up on your Adobe Sign form. 

After filling out the form, make sure to watch your email for an “All Parties Finished” email. 

For questions about this form please email advising at 

Does my course require the OMNIBUS form?

The following courses require an OMNIBUS form

BIO/HPS/MIC/MBB/PLB 492: Honors directed study

Possible credit hours: 1-3
Enrollment requirements: Must be a student in Barrett, the Honors College
Description: 492 may only be used if the research is part of your two-semester honors thesis work. This course ranges from one to three semester hours. Consult with an honors advisor before enrolling is recommended.
Note: Must be completed before 493.

BIO/HPS/MIC/MBB/PLB 493: Honors Thesis

Possible credit hours: 1-6
Enrollment Requirements: Must be a student in Barrett, the Honors College. Students may have first completed 492 or a related course for the first half of thesis credits.
Description: This course ranges from one to six semester hours. Consult with an honors advisor before enrolling is recommended. 
Note: 493 is taken for the final semester of thesis work including the defense and final project submission.

BIO/MIC/MBB 494: Advanced Study Practicum

Possible credit hours: 1-4
Enrollment Requirements: Must have successfully completed the course for which you are assigned as an ATA.
Description: Assistant Teaching Assistants (ATAs) for School of Life Sciences Courses. Students must have completed the course for which they are assigned as an ATA. For more information, contact the course instructor.
Note: Does not count as upper division major lab credit.

BIO/HPS/MIC/MBB/PLB 495: Undergraduate Research

Possible credit hours: 1-3
Description: Supervised research in biology/microbiology/molecular biosciences and biotechnology/ or plant biology.
Note: Six credit hours of these types of experiences can be applied towards major degree requirements, and a max of three credit hours can go toward the upper division lab requirement.

BIO/HPS/MIC/MBB/PLB 496: Undergraduate Thesis

Possible credit hours: 1-3
Enrollment Requirements: Successful completion of BIO/MIC/MBB/PLB 495
Description: Guided research culminating in the preparation of an undergraduate thesis based on supervised research done in current and previous semesters.
Note: Does not count as upper division major lab credit.

BIO/HPS/MIC/MBB/PLB 499: Individualized Instruction

Possible credit hours: 1-3
Description: Provides an opportunity for original study or investigation in the major or field of specialization on an individual and more autonomous basis.
Note: Can count as upper division lab credit, if doing applicable research/lab work. Please meet with your academic advisor with any questions.

What to do if I never received conformation about my OMNIBUS form

If you did not receive an "all parties finished" email from Adobe sign it is likely your form is not complete

Steps to trouble shoot Adobe Sign forms

  • Check your SPAM or Junk mail folder. Some email software apps automatically route these emails to these folders. If you find an Adobe Sign email there, check to make sure it is the conformation email for the SOLS OMNIBUS form. 
  • If you didn't get a confirmation email, reach out to your faculty member to make sure they received the email requesting their signature. Make them aware they may need to check their Junk or SPAM folders. If the email is in one of these folders, it will have to be marked "not SPAM" before the link will let them access the form. 
  • If the faculty member indicates they have signed the form, you should email the advising office at In the subject line indicate "followup for Adobe Sign form" and include your name and student ID so your form can be located. 

Information for faculty about dates, contacts and grading

  • Grades are due one week after Reading Day.
  • Please email final grades to:
  • If you have any questions please email: or contact the SOLS Advising office at 480-727-6277.