SOLS Ambassadors

Who we are

Who we are

We are a close-knit, dedicated group of life sciences students who want to be involved in our school in a meaningful way.

Not only do we have a lot of fun, we are involved in a wide variety of outreach opportunities where we get to network and meet other students, faculty members and staff.

We want to meet you and encourage you to join us. Become a SOLS Ambassador today!

Our Mission

Students involved in the School of Life Sciences Ambassadors program work to connect students to faculty members, and help create strong academic and social relationships through ongoing activities. Our Ambassadors encourage involvement within the school, communication between SOLS students and world-class faculty, and career development as future professionals. We accept and value diversity, innovation, and commitment to excellence as part of ASU's priority to make higher education universally accessible.

Nikhil Dholaria - Co-Director

Year: Senior
Major: Biochemistry, Public Service and Public Policy

Nikhil Dholaria is an interdisciplinary premedical senior studying Biochemistry and Public Service and Public Policy. He has been with SOLS Ambassadors for two years, previously as the Events Coordinator and currently serves as the Co-Director. 

From working in Tanzania to creating his own nonprofit organization, Nikhil finds joy in serving people. Currently, he is working on his thesis project to develop a documentary on the response of the ASU Biodesign Clinical Testing Laboratory to the COVID pandemic. Additionally, he is working on his second nonprofit to help underserved students prepare for and attend college. 

Aside from his academic passions, Nikhil enjoys exercising and promoting healthy living, while reading philosophy. Following graduation, Nikhil looks forward to attending medical school.

Anish Vaddireddy - Co-Director

Year: Senior
Major: Biomedical Sciences

Anish Vaddireddy is a senior majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Biomedical Sciences. He has been a part of SOLS Ambassadors since his sophomore year and currently serves as the Co-Director.

His love for serving arose from volunteering projects in which he would directly attend to patients. He has been a part of a variety of associations dedicated to vulnerable populations. He is also part of a nonprofit organization focused on providing sports equipment to children in Tanzania. Currently, he is working on his thesis project to assess the safety of using robotic laparoscopic surgery in emergency general procedures at the HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Center. After his senior year, Anish plans to attend medical school.

Megha Pillai - Events Coordinator

Year: Junior
Major: Biomedical Sciences (Biology)

Megha is a junior majoring in Biomedical Sciences (Biology) and on the pre-medical track. She has been a part of SOLS Ambassadors since the beginning of her sophomore year and currently serves as the Event Coordinator.

She is a part of the Embryo Project at ASU and works as an editor and undergraduate researcher. She has an interest in women's health and psychology and hopes to pursue a career that encompasses that. Outside of school, she loves music and played many different instruments growing up. After her undergraduate studies, she plans to apply to medical school and pursue a career in medicine

Brian Evans - Secretary

Year: Junior
Major: Biomedical Sciences

Brian is a Junior majoring in Biological Sciences, specifically Biomedical Sciences. He first joined SOLS Ambassadors at the beginning of his sophomore year and currently serves as the Secretary. 

Previously he has worked as a COVID-19 Case Investigator with ASU and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, and next semester will be working with the ASU SIBS project. He plans to apply to medical school and have a career in medicine. 

Sannia Hagag - Treasurer

Year: Sophomore
Major: Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology; Mathematics 

Sannia Hagag is a Sophomore majoring in Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cell, and Developmental Biology) and Mathematics. She has been involved in SOLS Ambassadors since the beginning of Freshman year. This year, she is serving in the organization as Treasurer. 

She will also be an active member of the ASU Pitchfork Pantry Team next semester. Other than her interest in biology, Sannia also holds interests in computer programming, such as participating in Arizona State Datafest and Microsoft Mentoring Program. 

After graduation, Sannia hopes to attend medical school and possibly study anesthesiology. 

Andrea Lara Romero - Social Media Coordinator

Year: Sophomore 
Major: Biochemistry

Andrea is a pre-dental junior majoring in Biochemistry and has been involved with SOLS Ambassadors since she transferred from Mesa Community College. This year she is serving in the organization as Social Media Coordinator.

Currently, she is working as a dental assistant and plans to go to dental school after graduation. In the future, she plans to volunteer for a non-profit dental organization to help deliver free treatment and preventative care around the globe. Aside from school, she enjoys painting, volunteering and promoting sustainable living. 

What we do

What we do

Our student ambassadors support a wide variety of engaging events. Check out some of our activities and see where you'd like to get involved.

Fall Welcome

Welcome students to the School of Life Sciences through a network of student leaders and faculty.

Bonus: Enjoy cookies and refreshments! 

Game night

During this fun and informal gathering, connect with faculty, play board games and enjoy free food. 


Volunteer at the School of Life Sciences booth and participate in the parade on game day.

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Open Door

Share your love of science and reach out to people of all ages through fun and activities. 

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Warm Goodbye

Come de-stress with the Ambassadors and enjoy free, delicious food before finals week. 

Research Night

Facilitate a "poster" event where School of Life Sciences professors present their research and connect with students. 

Relay for Life

Support the American Cancer Society by joining our official School of Life Sciences team in this walk. 

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How to get involved

How to get involved

To become a SOLS Ambassador, you'll need to do a few things:


  • Attend bi-monthly meetings
  • Maintain appropriate conduct with students, faculty, staff and the community
  • Abide by all ASU policies and procedures when representing the School of Life Sciences

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