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The tutoring resources listed below are free. We encourage you to take advantage of them as needed.

All Classes

Visit Student Success to find tutors and other class support.


The School of Life Sciences Learning Resource Center (LRC) is located in the Life Sciences C-wing. The center offers tutoring in BIO 100, 181/182, 281/282, 340, 345 and other subjects related to SOLS majors.

Zoom tutoring as of March 16, 2020:


The Chemistry and Biochemistry Learning and Resource Center is located in Physical Science Building H-wing (H-137). The center offers review sessions for tests and exams.


The Math Tutor Center is located In the Bateman Physical Sciences Center A Wing/Wexler Hall or PSA-116. If enrolled at ASU, you can get help with MAT 106, 117 (and the stretch version 194), 119, 142, 170, 210, 211, 251 and MTE 180, 181.


The Writing Center helps undergraduate and graduate students become better writers. Find details, locations, hours and more at this link.