By securing an internship, you can earn academic credit and develop new skills at the same time. Your internship must be related to your major and take place outside a university research lab.


  • Enhancing your learning in a professional environment

  • Gaining experience with current technology

  • Contributing to significant projects

  • Building personal skills

  • Networking with people working in the science community

  • Developing a resume that highlights desirable skills

Internship requirements

To participate in the BIO/MBB/MIC 484 internship program, we require the following:                  

  • Enrolled in a School of Life Sciences degree program

  • 2.75 GPA

  • Successful completion 45 or more credit hours

  • Meet with Internship Coordinator, Nicole Diehnelt, by the appropriate deadline to complete an Internship Application and enroll in the corresponding course.

Submit the Internship Application packet and all forms by:

  • May 1, Summer 2015 internships
  • Aug. 7, Fall 2015 internships
  • Dec. 15, Spring 2016 internships



Step 1
You must identify and secure your own internship. We do not place you in an internship.

Step 2
Fill out the online SOLS Internship Application:

Step 3
Complete the following forms:

  • Educational Contract: Complete this with your site supervisor and faculty mentor (if appropriate). This allows everyone to agree on the internship goals and deliverables.​
  • Consent to the Release of Information This allows the release of educational records, such as an official transcript or confirmation of disciplinary action, so we can review your application. This form is required for all students who want to complete an internship for academic credit.
  • Internship Emergency Release This provides permission for us to contact specified individuals in case of an emergency.
  • Work Variance Form Submit this form only if you are completing your internship in the same place where you currently work. This allows you to request approval to use your current employer to complete an internship.

Step 4
Submit all the forms to our Internship Coordinator, Nicole Diehnelt, during an in-person meeting. She will review your materials and transcript to make sure you meet the academic eligibility requirements. If determined that you meet all the criteria, she will approve your internship application and give you permission to register for the course.

Schedule an appointment with Nicole at or 480-727-6277.

Pay attention to the application due date. Plan ahead and meet with the Internship Coordinator prior to that date — in case any supplemental materials are needed.

Step 5 
Register for the course using the course number provided to you.

Step 6
Complete all course assignments and submit them by the deadlines provided.

Internship Opportunities

Newly Listed Opportunities

Note: The application deadline for Fall 2014 internships has passed, so you will not earn academic credit for the opportunities below. However, you may intern to gain valuable experience.

Remember: To earn credit, all students must register for the BIO, MBB, MIC or PLB 484 class.


Looking for an internship outside of a university research lab? Click on the name of the internship provider and apply accordingly.

Internship Provider | Internship Availability

Out-of-State Internships

Looking for an out-of-state internship? Below is a list of companies that may have an opportunity in-line with your academic and career goals. Click on the name of the internship provider and apply accordingly.

Internship Provider | Internship Availability

Information for Employers

Thank you for your interest in providing our students with a rewarding internship experience. Our internship program provides School of Life Sciences students with an opportunity to earn academic credit, while learning new skills to help them achieve their personal educational and career goals.

We expect our student interns to be supervised, and for each internship to include meaningful, project-based work. Every internship also requires an “Educational Contract.” This must include a project description, goals, responsibilities, outcomes and evaluation criteria. 

Our student internship goals:

  • To enhance our undergraduate degree programs by connecting students to experts in professional settings
  • To provide opportunities for students to gain professional and scientific experience by using current technology and contributing to significant projects
  • To provide opportunities for building interpersonal communication, teamwork and leadership skills
  • To help students network with professionals in many industries
  • To help students develop a resume that reflects key skills and accomplishments 

Student participation requirements:

  • 2.75 GPA
  • 45 credit hours completed
  • All internships must be related to a student’s degree program
  • Must occur outside of a university research lab setting
  • Must follow a contract

Required work hours:
To earn academic credit, a student must work the following number of hours:

  • 135 hours = 3 credits
  • 90 hours = 2 credits
  • 45 hours = 1 credit

During the fall and spring semesters, this averages nine hours each week.

Is an employer required to pay an intern?

Internships may be either paid or unpaid (Department of Labor Guidelines).

Questions? Contact Internship Coordinator Nicole Diehnelt.