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Curious what you can do with a life science degree? Click the image below to see how our alumni are using their life science education:

Career options for life science students

School of Life Sciences and School of Molecular Sciences Career Fair

Fall 2021 Natural Sciences Career Fair

Hosts:  Department of Physics, Department of Psychology, School of Earth and Space Exploration, School of Life Sciences, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, School of Molecular Sciences 

Date:    TBD

Time:    TBD

Where:  Online; Registration required through Handshake to attend

 Cost:     Free for students to attend 

Information for students

Tips for students attending our Career and Internship Expo:

First, join our career expo on Handshake.

  • Attend a Career Information Session to prepare before the event.
  • Research participating companies.
  • Know who you want to visit and why.
  • Prepare your resume and make sure it is free of mistakes. 
  • Prepare your elevator speech or "personal commercial." Make the most of this time and gain a potential employer's interest.
  • Bring a list of questions about the employers that shows that you know something about their company.
  • Get organized. Bring multiple copies of your resume in a folder.
  • Practice your responses to common interview questions.
  • Bring a pen and paper for taking notes.
  • Ask the recruiter what the best way is to follow up with them. After your interview, write a thank-you note or email, or make a phone call.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Make eye contact, have a firm handshake and show interest in what the interviewer is saying.

Information and registration for employers

Employers and organizations interested in recruiting may purchase a table for our 2020 Natural Sciences Career and Internship Expo. 

Our event specifically targets students in the natural sciences who have an interest in Biological Sciences; Earth and Space Exploration; Mathematics & Statistical Sciences; Physics; Biomedical Sciences; Microbiology; Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology; Chemistry; Biochemistry; Psychology. Last year, 400 students attended. You will have face-to-face contact with current undergraduate and graduate students, as well as some of our most recent graduates. 

Our Career and Internship Fair provides a great recruiting opportunity, as well as time to:

  • Increase awareness about your organization with students and faculty
  • Enhance your presence among the ASU scientific community
  • Distribute information about possible internships, career paths, and volunteer opportunities

Cost: Posted on Handshake

Includes: access to the Virtual Career Fair Platform in Handshake with 1:1 Video Chat capabilities and/or options for Group Information Sessions. You may have up to 15 representatives in your virtual booth space (allowing for up to 15 private 1:1 chats, simultaneously). Post event, you will have access to all attendees who registered for the event.

Registration deadline

The fair will remain open until all spots are filled.

Registration powered by Handshake.

Do's and Don'ts
Organizations may bring position descriptions, brochures, business cards and handouts that promote itself to potential employees. This event is for recruitment purposes only and is not for sales purposes.

Tabletop signs and branded tablecloths must fit on a six-foot table. You may not bring floor signs or post anything on our walls. All materials must be contained on top of the 6-foot table provided.

We hope that you can join us for this terrific recruiting opportunity.

Employer participants at past events

What can you do with a life sciences degree?

The life sciences delve into the basic organization and processes of life (microbes, plants and animals) at scales ranging from molecules to ecosystems and in time from picoseconds to millennia. This includes investigations into how hereditary information is transferred and organisms evolve, the interplay of organisms and their environments, and how these factors interact in health and disease. Students interested in a degree in life sciences can pursue a variety of careers ranging such as doctor, winery microbiologist, educator, researcher, environmental consultant, illustrator, business systems analyst, genetic counselor, and more.  

Career exploration resources

The Career and Professional Development Services office can help you plan your career and develop job-search skills: 

  • Explore career pathways
  • Create a winning resume
  • Connect with ASU alumni and other professionals through the ASU Mentor Network
  • Find jobs and internships through Handshake
  • Prepare for graduate or professional school
  • Practice interview skills through InterviewStream
  • Workshops and career-related events

The career advising team is available for the rest of your life as you move through different phases of your career.  They are located on every campus as well as through ASU Online.

Get started on your career exploration and planning

On your My ASU > Campus Services > Career Planning, Career Milestones are available to guide you in your professional development, no matter where you are in your career journey!  

Track your progress and find out more about available professional development resources available to you with Career Milestones! Get started today on the Campus Services or Resources tab of your My ASU account, or on the ASU Mobile App.

Watch this video from our Translating Pandemic Skills to Resume and Beyond Workshop (November 18, 2021): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pHQoajRhypll6E872kAtt9bOt5eC5aVr/view 

 'Science of ...' career exploration events

Once a semester, the undergraduate advising office organizes events where students can explore unexpected pathways utilizing their life science education and skill set.  Click below to view the recordings from past events: 

 Have an event idea or want to partner on a future event? Contact ASU Online Internship Coordinator Ivy Esquibel or on-ground Internship Coordinator Dr. Serena Christianson

Explore SOLS' undergraduate program options to find your 'SOLSMATE'   

Do you ever wonder if you’re in the right major? If maybe there is a different concentration that might be a better fit for you? We encourage you to look at our library of videos with SOLS' faculty to learn more about our programs.

Organized by the School of Life Sciences Undergraduate Advising Office, the goal of this video series is to expose students to a broader range of career possibilities with a degree in the life sciences. Learn how our various life science programs can lead to careers in medicine, research, conservation, education, public health, law, politics, marketing, community outreach and more. These videos are your chance to visit with a representative from each major or concentration area (e.g. biomedical sciences, biology and society) to find your “SOLSMATE”.


Connect and build skills through professional organizations and networking

It is never too early to start building your professional network and knowledge by getting involved in professional organizations related to the life sciences or other personal interests.


Meet alumni and other professionals in the field

A great way to important to connect with people in the field through informational interviews, shadowing, volunteering, actually putting yourself in that industry to get a better lay of the land and determine if it’s the best path for you.

  • Career and Professional Development Service's page with resources on connecting with others
  • The ASU Mentor Network offers all levels of connection from one-time quick chats to informational meetings to more formal matched mentor programs. You control how many connections and how often you can connect. It is really easy to get started.

  • Roadtrip Nation: "We believe there’s power in doing work that’s true to who you are. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people explore career possibilities that connect to their interests. We seek out inspiring individuals who’ve built lives around what they love, then share their stories in award-winning documentaries on public television and an online archive featuring thousands of conversations about struggle and success. We also provide a process for how to navigate the career journey, with curriculums, career discovery resources, live events, and our New York Times best-selling career guide, Roadmap."

  • Build your online network and explore opportunities through LinkedIn

Free membership with AZBio

As a student in the School of Life Sciences, you are eligible for a free Life Sciences Student membership with the Arizona Bioindustry Association (AZBio).  You can get involved by:

Organizations for underrepresented groups

Life science-affiliated organizations