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Consider an internship

By securing an internship, you can earn academic credit and develop new skills at the same time. Your internship must be related to your major and take place outside a university research lab.

Please download our Student Handbook for more information on this course.


  • Enhancing your learning in a professional environment
  • Gaining experience with current technology
  • Contributing to significant projects
  • Building personal skills
  • Networking with people working in the science community
  • Developing a resume that highlights desirable skills

Internship requirements

To participate in the BIO/MBB/MIC 484 internship program, we require the following:                  

  • Enrolled in a School of Life Sciences degree program
  • 2.75 GPA
  • Successful completion 45 or more credit hours
  • Secured internship opportunity (student's responsibility)
  • Meet with Internship Coordinator, Serena Christianson(link sends e-mail) for permission to enroll in the corresponding course.  Students are expected to provide their internship information (i.e. website, job description), desired number of credits to enroll (1 credit = 45 hours), and preferred prefix for enrollment (BIO, HPS, MIC, MBB, PLB) for the respective semester the internship will occur
  • For MBB 484, you’ll need to reach out to Drs. Tsafrir Mor; Hugh Mason and/or Willem Vermaas for assistance on finding your internship.  You will need the approval from one of them for your internship before enrollment.
  • Honors credit is not offered in this program; if you’re looking to get honors credit, contact your Barrett Honors advisor about HON 484
  • Online Biological Science students – you are encouraged to participate in this program as well! You will enroll in BIO 484 for any kind of internship/research experience not located at ASU.
  • The latest a student can enroll in the internship course is the add/drop date of the semester

School of Life Sciences Career and Internship Fair

The Life Science and Molecular Science Career Fair is held on an annual basis.  Stay tuned for the official date in summer 2018.

Registration Process

Step 1
You must identify and secure your own internship site. We do not place you with an employer. Your internship responsibilities must be research oriented, as job shadowing will not be approved. (see Internship Opportunities tab)

Step 2
You may schedule a meeting with our Internship and Career Coordinator, Serena Christianson. Together, you will review your materials and transcripts to make sure you meet all academic eligibility requirements. After receiving approval, you may register for the internship course BIO/MIC/MBB/PLB 484.

To schedule a meeting with Serena Christianson visit or call 480-727-6277.

Step 3 
Register for the course using the course number provided to you.

Step 4
Complete all course assignments and submit them by the deadlines provided.

Internship Opportunities


Below is a list of employers who have participated in our program. Read about their internship opportunities and find out whether they are currently accepting interns. If possible, apply for a position directly through their website.

Internship Provider | Internship Availability

Many more internships are available in Arizona.  Students are encouraged to contact Career Services to learn how to find an internship through Handshake and other sites.

Out-of-State Internships

Below is a list of employers who have participated in our program. Read about their internship opportunities and find out whether they are currently accepting interns. If possible, apply for a position directly through their website. 

Internship Provider | Internship Availability

 Students are encouraged to contact Career  Services to learn how to find an internship through Handshake and other sites.


Information for Employers

Thank you for your interest in providing our students with a rewarding internship experience. Our internship program provides School of Life Sciences students with an opportunity to earn academic credit, while learning new skills to help them achieve their personal educational and career goals.

We expect our student interns to be supervised, and for each internship to include meaningful, project-based work. Every internship also requires an “Educational Contract.” This must include a project description, goals, responsibilities, outcomes and evaluation criteria. 

Please download our Employer Handbook for more information on this course.

Our student internship goals:

  • To enhance our undergraduate degree programs by connecting students to experts in professional settings
  • To provide opportunities for students to gain professional and scientific experience by using current technology and contributing to significant projects
  • To provide opportunities for building interpersonal communication, teamwork and leadership skills
  • To help students network with professionals in many industries
  • To help students develop a resume that reflects key skills and accomplishments 

Student participation requirements:

  • 2.75 GPA
  • 45 credit hours completed
  • All internships must be related to a student’s degree program
  • Must occur outside of a university research lab setting
  • Must follow a contract

Required work hours:
To earn academic credit, a student must work the following number of hours:

  • 135 hours = 3 credits
  • 90 hours = 2 credits
  • 45 hours = 1 credit

During the fall and spring semesters, this averages nine hours each week.

Is an employer required to pay an intern?
Internships may be either paid or unpaid (Department of Labor Guidelines).

To post your internship opportunity with ASU:
Register as an Employer through Handshake.

Questions? Contact Internship Coordinator Serena Christianson

Information for Faculty

Additional Resources for Pre-Health Students


Pre-health students are encouraged and welcome to participate in the School of Life Sciences Internship Program (BIO/HPS/MBB/MIC/PLB 484). However, there are alternative internship programs at ASU as well:

  • Emergency Department Internships offered by the Pre-Professional Advising Office, which involves placement into a partner hospital and enrollment in BIO 390, a class that focuses on preparation for the application to medical school
  • General Pre-Health Internships offered through the Pre-Health Internship Program where students will enroll in LIA 484 and also be required to attend the BIO 390 class 

    LIA 484 offers opportunities to students pursuing any health professions program, including dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy and more

  • Students interested in BIO 390 or LIA 484 should meet with the Pre-Professional Advising Office (PPAO) to discuss their interest and preparation for a career in healthcare

For questions, please contact Mary Nadarski at